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**Nice North: Vitality in the Heart of the City**

The districts of Libération, Evêché, Saint-Barthélemy, les Poètes and Chambrun, north of Nice, are a true symbol of Nice life. Nestled in the heart of the city, these dynamic neighborhoods offer a vibrant blend of tradition, modernity and amenities, making them a must-see destination for real estate.

**Liberation**: This central district is known for its bustling market, open-air cafes and friendly atmosphere. Stylish apartments and designer boutiques give Libération a contemporary atmosphere.

**Evêché**: The Evêché district, very close to the city center, exudes a soothing residential atmosphere. Tree-lined streets, parks and traditional houses create a unique Provencal atmosphere.

**Saint-Barthélemy**: This growing neighborhood is ideal for those looking for a dynamic lifestyle. Modern infrastructure, fashion boutiques and green spaces make Saint-Barthélemy a place of choice for families and professionals.

**Les Poètes**: Located on the heights of Nice Nord, this peaceful neighborhood offers panoramic views of the city and the sea. The elegant villas, well-kept gardens and tranquility make Les Poètes a popular location for primary residence .

**Chambrun**: This historic district is known for its characterful residences, its refined atmosphere and its picturesque streets. Chambrun properties offer a unique blend of tradition and sophistication.

**Culture and Leisure**: The districts of Nice Nord offer a range of cultural activities, local festivals and artistic events. Museums, theaters and art shops broaden your cultural horizons.

**Investing in Nice North**: Real estate in the districts of Libération, Evêché, Saint-Barthélemy, les Poètes and Chambrun offers a variety of properties, from modern apartments to residences of character. Whether you're looking for a city lifestyle, a Provencal ambiance, or a combination of both, these neighborhoods offer dynamic living close to everything Nice has to offer.

Explore our exclusive real estate in Nice North and discover a way of life where urban vitality blends harmoniously with traditional Nice charm. A life in the heart of the city, between culture, modernity and elegance, awaits you in these captivating neighborhoods.

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