Real estate in the hinterland of Nice

**Charming Real Estate in the Nice Hinterland**

The Nice hinterland is a hidden treasure of the French Riviera, where the charm of the Provençal countryside meets the majesty of the Alpine mountains. The villages of Gilette, Saint-Martin-du-Var, Saint-Martin-de-la-Vésubie, Berthemont, and Belvédère embody this unique harmony, offering a way of life where serenity and nature are the key words.

**Gilette: Authentic Charm** - Gilette is a small perched village, where stone houses rub shoulders with olive groves. It is a place of relaxation, where time seems to pass peacefully. The houses of character and the panoramas over the valley attract lovers of the countryside.

**Saint-Martin-du-Var: The Village by the River** - This village, perched on the banks of the Var, is an invitation to tranquility. Traditional houses line the river, offering a peaceful living environment. Hiking trails and outdoor activities abound in the surrounding area.

**Saint-Martin-de-la-Vésubie: The Gateway to the Alps** - Saint-Martin-de-la-Vésubie is an Alpine jewel, surrounded by majestic mountains. The wooden chalets, ski slopes and hiking trails are a delight for mountain lovers.

**Berthemont: La Retraite Thermale** - Berthemont is famous for its thermal baths and thermal water springs, attracting those seeking relaxation and well-being. The village houses offer a serene living environment, between thermal waters and mountains.

**Belvédère: Medieval Charm** - Belvédère is a medieval village, perched on the heights, with cobbled streets and houses of character. It is an ideal place for lovers of history and tranquility.

**Nature and Adventure** - The Nice hinterland is a nature lover's paradise, offering a multitude of outdoor activities, from hiking in the mountains to swimming in the rivers.

**Investing in Serenity** - Real estate in the Nice hinterland is an opportunity for those looking for a peaceful refuge, far from the hustle and bustle of the coast, while remaining close to the amenities of the city.

Explore our exclusive real estate in the Nice hinterland and immerse yourself in a way of life where Provençal tranquility blends harmoniously with Alpine majesty. A life between authenticity, nature and adventure awaits you in these charming villages in the Nice hinterland.

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