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**Cimiez, Nice: A Case of History and Elegance**

The Cimiez district of Nice is a cultural and residential treasure that combines rich history with timeless elegance. This district, perched on the heights of Nice, is renowned for its monastery, the majestic Régina hotel, and the peaceful Parc des Arènes. It offers a unique way of life, combining serenity and heritage.

**The Monastery of Cimiez**: This historic monument, dating from the 9th century, is an architectural gem. It is surrounded by peaceful gardens and panoramic views of the city and sea. Classical music concerts and art exhibitions bring its cultural heritage to life.

**The Régina Hotel**: This emblematic hotel evokes the glamor of the Belle Époque. Its exquisite gardens and period architecture make it a sought-after place to stay. You can enjoy its Michelin star restaurant and luxury facilities.

**Le Parc des Arènes**: This peaceful park is a haven of greenery in the heart of Cimiez. The manicured gardens, picnic areas and Roman remains add to its charm. It is an ideal place to relax surrounded by nature.

**Culture and Leisure**: Cimiez is a cultural hub with its museums, festivals and artistic events. The area is also famous for its open-air jazz festival which attracts music lovers from all over the world.

**Investing in Cimiez**: Real estate in Cimiez offers unique opportunities for those looking for an elegant residence in the heart of Nice's history. Whether you want a luxury apartment in an old mansion or a villa surrounded by gardens, Cimiez offers a variety of properties to suit all tastes.

Explore our exclusive real estate in Cimiez and immerse yourself in a life where historical charm blends harmoniously with contemporary elegance. A life between heritage, nature and culture awaits you in this exceptional district of Nice.

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