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**Falicon, a Medieval Treasure at the Gates of Nice**

Falicon, a village perched on the hills overlooking Nice, is a picturesque enclave that combines medieval authenticity with a rich and fascinating history. Known for its mysterious pyramid, Falicon offers a lifestyle that is both peaceful and curious.

**The Pyramid of Falicon**: The emblematic pyramid of Falicon, more than 2,000 years old, arouses admiration and astonishment. Its origin and purpose remain a mystery, fueling numerous theories and legends. It is a unique heritage treasure.

**Medieval Village**: Falicon retains its medieval charm with its cobbled streets, its stone houses and its ramparts. The village evokes a bygone era, while being close to Nice and its amenities.

**Nature and Serenity**: The hills surrounding Falicon offer hiking trails, panoramic views and a peaceful atmosphere. It is an ideal place to reconnect with nature.

**Proximity to Nice**: Falicon is just a few minutes from the center of Nice, providing easy access to the beaches, shops, restaurants and cultural life of the city.

**Investing in Falicon**: Real estate in Falicon offers a rare opportunity for those looking for a peaceful refuge close to Nice. Whether you want a lovingly restored medieval house or a contemporary villa with pyramid views, Falicon offers a variety of properties to suit all tastes.

Explore our exclusive real estate in Falicon and let yourself be enchanted by a way of life where history blends harmoniously with tranquility. A life between mystery, heritage and the sweetness of life awaits you in this unique village in the Nice hills.

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